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Insulation Contractor Falmouth, MA

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Cape Cod Insulation provides all types of insulation services to homes and businesses in Massachusetts. Our team is highly experienced and we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality insulation work at a fair price.

Cape Cod Insulation services go beyond removing and installing insulation to keep the condition of every home at its best while also ensuring the utmost safety of our customers.

Attic Insulation

Insulating your attic does so much more than decrease your annual energy bills but can also provide your family with the utmost protection against many elements. A well-insulated attic is proven to produce the healthiest indoor air quality for you, and not only that because it will also be one of your greatest investments that will give you as much as a hundred percent return on investment.

Residential Insulation

Residential insulation has long been recognized as a great companion in protecting the condition of a home while improving its value; it also helps in giving your home the warmth or the cold that it needs throughout the year. This process is known to be cheaper compared to commercial insulation as it involves a smaller scale of area that has to be insulated, which means that a lesser amount of work is needed to be done by the hired insulation contractor.

Insulation Removal

Insulation removal is an effective way to protect the quality and lifespan of the new insulation that will be installed. Once the insulation is not functioning well anymore, you will need to hire a team of professional insulation contractors to remove the old insulation in the safest manner. This process may last for a couple of hours and will vary in costs which solely relies on the suggested quote or rate from your insulation contractor.

Commercial Insulation

Choosing commercial insulation as one of your most important investments will produce many benefits for you and your building. Many business owners have found refuge in commercial insulation as it gives them more savings and a building that offers comfort and protection to the individuals staying in the place. Commercial insulation, all in all, is truly an investment that gives you so much more advantages than you may think of.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is not something that should be done by the homeowners themselves as it has a delicate process and may threaten their safety if they won’t hire a professional insulation contractor. It is most effective when it comes to soundproofing your homes but can also protect them from gradual damage caused by other factors or elements such as pests, ice dams, as well as leaking pipes.

Garage/Basement Insulation

Taking great care of your basement and garage is more than just keeping it clean, but it should also be a comfortable place where you and your family can enjoy your time together . The cost of insulating these parts of your home may require you to spend a significant amount of money; that is why an insulation type with a high R-value should be installed on these spaces to make sure that it has great thermal resistance.


How much do you know about insulation?

What makes spray foam better?

Homeowners can agree that there are many excellent types of insulation, but when it comes to having powerhouse insulation, there is no doubt that the answer is spray foam insulation. Spray foam does so much better soundproofing and is proven to properly clog holes and cracks where cold air might pass through and escape your space. This material can even maintain its form for more than a decade and can serve your home for a very long time..

How much does insulation cost?

The cost of insulation varies per home but can obviously be dictated by the size of the area. Experts recommend identifying the recurring problems with your home first to also identify the type of insulation that will suffice the needs of your house. The final cost of your whole insulation project is best identified once you have hired a professional insulation contractor.

How can you tell if spray foam is bad?

The very first thing that you may notice once your spray foam is bad is its inability to hold its form for a long time, which may also, later on, result in many more problems. Bad spray foam will also not be able to provide soundproofing for your home. Once spray foam is bad, your house will not be able to control its own temperature and will have bad thermal performance.

What is the difference between closed-cell and open-cell?

Open cell and closed cell insulation are two different types of spray foam insulation that have their own advantages, strengths, and weaknesses. Closed cell insulation is made up of completely closed cells, making it stronger, while open cell insulation contains cells that are not encapsulated, making the material more flexible. Another difference between the two is that compared to open-cell insulation, closed-cell has a higher thermal resistance.

What areas of my home should be insulated?

Different parts of one’s home can be insulated with different types of insulation it’s just that there are parts that homeowners want to prioritize due to the amount of cold or heat the certain space can emit. The attic is usually the first part to get insulated, followed by the basement, the garage, and crawlspaces where too much cold or heat can also come from and penetrate your home.

What is R-Value?

Before insulating your home, one of the most important things you need to know about is the R-value. R-value varies per insulation type and it depicts how well a certain insulation type can resist heat or how well its thermal resistance is. Insulation materials with higher R-values have higher thermal resistance as well; that is why parts of the home that emit warmer air should receive insulation with higher R-values.



Improve energy efficiency

Improved energy efficiency is one of the best benefits that insulation can give a home. Once insulated, the whole place can easily manage its own ideal temperature and be as warm as possible during winter and keep heat out during the hotter days without the help of other home appliances, which saves up to 55% of cooling and heating energy.

Save money

Insulation can give you greater savings by eliminating the need for heating or cooling equipment, which can significantly increase your energy bills. Saving from renovation costs is also common to homes with insulation as it helps in maintaining the condition of a home by protecting it against gradual damage. An insulated home is reported to usually save up to 15% in energy costs.

Control Temperature

Insulation is a trusted partner when it comes to controlling the temperature of your home to achieve its best thermal performance and make every second inside your home as comfortable as it can be. When walls, floors, and ceilings are insulated, your home will have a stabilized temperature by not having to store heat during the summer and adding cold to your winters. The best temperature for your home is attainable as long as there is proper insulation.

Increase value of your home

The way insulation increases the value of one’s home is by basically lowering its energy consumption, which helps every homeowner in saving their money. Upgrading your home by installing high-quality insulation will also keep its structure at its best regardless of the season, and this helps in increasing the value of your home. Among so many upgrades available, insulation is one that homeowners should invest in.

Reduce Noise

The thickness of an insulation material boosts the soundproofing ability of a home by acting as a robust barrier that stops any amount of noise that can enter a home by penetrating through its walls. A home with proper insulation and maintenance will benefit a lot from insulation by having a more serene atmosphere away from any unnecessary and disturbing noise that may come from outside their property.

Deter Pest

Pests and other insects are some of the major factors that contribute to the destruction or damage of one’s home. Insulation is a major solution to deter them and not let them invade your space by clogging every hole and gap in your house. The thickness of insulation serves as a defense against rodents and other pests which stops them from causing damage or other health problems to your home.

Advanced Insulation Falmouth

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