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Insulation typically lasts for many years. However, once insulation gets infested (which is very rare), it is strongly advised to get it removed and replaced by a new one.

      There are many signals your home can give you when insulation needs to be removed. The most obvious is that it cannot meet the heating and cooling needs of your space.

      Although there are insulation types that can be installed without removing the old one, insulation removal is still a need for every home with insulation.

    Old insulation should be removed first before installing a new one so that your home will be protected against dust and other pollutants or toxicity that may have stayed in your old insulation. While there are some insulation types that can be easily removed compared to others, having a hired insulation contractor that will do the job of removing old insulation should still be the best way to take. This is because removing insulation yourself without the proper know-how and safety gear may put you and your health at risk due to the asbestos, molds, and other harmful compounds found in old insulation.

         Another advantage of removing your old insulation first is it protects the quality of the new insulation that will be installed and helps in giving it a longer lifespan that will benefit you for many decades to come.

        However, before any insulation removal project, an inspection of the old insulation material should be carried out by the team of the selected and trusted insulation company. This is to ensure that the entire process of removing the old insulation runs smoothly. Insulation removal costs are also dependent on the quote that will be suggested or given by the insulation service company.